Utilize real-time pricing to make knowledgeable purchases with confidence. If you like the pricing, we can source this item for 5 to 10% less that list prices.

WatchFacts Concierge Buying Process

At WatchFacts, our concierge buying service leverages a sophisticated market pricing guide to ensure that you receive the best value and assurance when acquiring a watch. Here’s how our simple yet comprehensive process ensures your satisfaction every step of the way.

Real-Time Pricing Analysis

Our market pricing guide is at the core of our service, collecting real-time data from all leading online watch sellers. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate and current market prices, ensuring you pay a fair price for any watch you choose.

Step 1

Purchase and Procurement

Once you select a watch, our experts step in to handle the purchasing process. We buy the item on your behalf, navigating negotiations and transactions with sellers. This removes the burden from you and places it in the hands of experienced professionals.

Step 2

Inspection and Verification

Upon acquiring the watch, our specialists conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that it matches the seller's description. This step is crucial to verify both the authenticity and the condition of the watch.

Step 3

Comprehensive Watch Condition Report

Watch Condition Report: Each watch undergoes our standard WatchFacts 31-point inspection. This detailed assessment covers various aspects of the watch’s condition and functionality, ensuring everything is in top form. The outcome of this inspection is compiled into a comprehensive watch condition report, which you receive for full transparency.

Step 4

Warranty and Insurance Options

After the inspection, you will have the opportunity to warranty the watch, which provides additional peace of mind regarding its long-term performance and care. Furthermore, we offer options to insure the watch against theft or accidental breakage, protecting your investment from unforeseen circumstances.

Step 5

Delivery and Aftercare

Following these steps, the watch is prepared for delivery. Once you receive your watch, our service doesn't just stop. We provide ongoing support and advice, helping you maintain the value and condition of your watch.

Step 6

Why Choose WatchFacts’ Concierge Service?

Choosing our concierge buying service means enjoying peace of mind knowing that every aspect of the purchase is handled professionally. From accurate pricing to detailed inspections and protective warranties, every step is designed to offer security, transparency, and satisfaction.

We are a third-party certification program that does all the work for you so you know exactly what you’re buying.

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