Meet Simon

The WatchFacts AI Pricing Assistant

Simon, the first real-time market and wholesale watch pricing algorithm. Simon isn’t just any tool—it’s an AI concierge that leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms to gather data from thousands of online buyers and sellers, producing the most comprehensive and accurate pricing model available.


What's Your Watch Worth?

Watch Valuation Made Easy

Simon is the first real-time market based AI watch pricing tool. Think “watch” Stock Market.

Looking to Buy or Sell?

Why Simon?

Simon employs cutting-edge AI to ensure that each price point is supported by extensive, real-time market data, providing unparalleled accuracy in watch valuation.

With Simon, you gain clear, immediate insights into watch pricing, moving beyond mere estimates that rely on outdated or sparse data.

Eliminate the guesswork. Simon’s advanced analytics deliver an exact market value for your watch in an instant, making your decisions informed and straightforward.

Rely on a system engineered for accuracy and fairness, ensuring that whether you’re buying or selling, you engage at a fair price.

Looking to Buy?

Why Choose WatchFacts’ Concierge Service? Choosing our concierge buying service means enjoying peace of mind knowing that every aspect of the purchase is handled professionally. From accurate pricing to detailed inspections and protective warranties, every step is designed to offer security, transparency, and satisfaction.

Real-Time Pricing Analysis

Our market pricing guide is at the core of our service, collecting real-time data from all leading online watch sellers. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate and current market prices, ensuring you pay a fair price for any watch you choose.

Purchase & Procurement

Once you select a watch, our experts step in to handle the purchasing process. We buy the item on your behalf, navigating negotiations and transactions with sellers. This removes the burden from you and places it in the hands of experienced professionals.

Inspection and Verification

Upon acquiring the watch, our specialists conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that it matches the seller’s description. This step is crucial to verify both the authenticity and the condition of the watch.

Looking to Sell?

At WatchFacts, we’ve streamlined the process of selling your watch to ensure you get the highest possible price for your asset. Our flash sale process is designed to connect sellers with our vast network of global buyers, fostering a competitive bidding.

Get an Instant Price Estimate

Start by using Simon, our AI-driven pricing tool. Simon provides a real-time market valuation for your watch based on comprehensive data from thousands of online transactions. This ensures you know the potential worth of your watch before it even goes to sale.

List Your Watch for Flash Sale

Once you have your price estimate, your watch is listed in our flash sale event. This is where our network of global buyers comes in. They are ready and eager to bid on high-quality watches, driving up the price to ensure you receive the best market value.

Inspection and Verification

To maintain trust and ensure the quality of each transaction, WatchFacts will conduct a thorough inspection of your watch. Our experts verify its condition, authenticity, and overall quality, which not only helps in fetching a better price but also builds buyer confidence.

We are a third-party certification program that does all the work for you so you know exactly what you’re buying.

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