The Pursuit of an Online Luxury Standard

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“WatchFacts creates the most trusted and transparent experience when shopping for luxury pre-loved products.”
— John Cormier, CEO

Certified Inventory

Authenticity Report

Does it work? Is it authentic? Aftermarket parts? Conditon? We believe in complete transparency. Our reports let you know what you are getting before you buy.

Watch Fingerprint Data

All of our certified inspections are documented in our proprietary database along with the serial number and photographs of every timepiece.

31-Point Inspection

Each item goes through the same rigorous inspection process producing a grade based off condition, functionality and authenticity.

Certified Dealers

Dealer Vetting

Each Certified Dealer is thoroughly vetted to ensure products comply with the WatchFacts Certified Pre-Owned program.

Periodic Audits

Each dealer is audited periodically to maintain the standard of quality, dealers are constantly audited to protect your interest.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind delivered via a standardized inspection that is included with every timepiece. Should you have any questions send it in for an inspection.

Certified Platforms

1-Year Limited Warranty

Every WatchFacts Certified timepiece on our participating partner platforms comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

WatchFacts Score

The WatchFacts Score is a tool that enables you to quickly understand the overall condition of a luxury item.

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Extended Warranty

Every WatchFacts Certified timepiece is eligible for a warranty extension, giving you the ability to protect your investment.